Joe Cole: Tomori is Like William Gallas

In Fikayo Tomori, the defender of Chelsea, Joe Cole sees a younger self of William Gallas. Also, he had tipped him to keep up with the impressive progress in the game. Tomori has managed to nail the usual place in the first team of Chelsea in this season. This has been following an impressive campaign that he had spent on loan under Frank Lampard in last year’s Derby.

With power, pace, and great reading of the game for the young player, Joe Cole has predicted that he has a long and bright future with Chelsea. The former star of England sees a significant reflection of his teammate William Gallas in Tomori. William Gallas is known to have won 2 titles in the Premier League with Chelsea prior to moving to play for Arsenal and then Tottenham.

Cole said that the player reminds him a lot about the younger self of William Gallas and believes that his development had been simply perfect. Tomori has spent his entire youth in the academy of Chelsea and after this; he had been on a loan to Derby.

The former 6 months had been under Frank and following this Ashley Cole come in for playing along with him. Ashley spoke to him in each and every game. There is no better way to teach him to be the best center-half.

He says that Tomori is going to get better 2-3 years down the line. Glen Hoddle, the former manager and player of Chelsea agrees with Cole regarding the potential of this player and hopes that he is going to reach the top of the sports. He says that the kid has excellent speed and also youthful tenacity. He also says that Tomori never gives up and that is the best thing about young players.

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