Gallas Pays Tribute To Wenger

William Gallas was thankful to Arsene Wenger for his contribution at Arsenal as he was ready to stand down as a manager after close to 22 years. Gallas did play for Arsenal for about 4 years and the armband of the captain was given to him by Wenger during his tenure at the club. The former Tottenham and Chelsea defender was amongst the several ex- Arsenal footballers who did pay tribute to Wenger during the final game as manager against Burnley.

Despite the fact that Gallas captaincy was snatched away in 2008-09 due to some comments he made on his teammates, there are no concerns now between these two French stars. Arsene knows what Gallas thinks about him and he is thankful for everything. Galas said that Arsene is not just a great manager, but a good human too. Every time Gallas talks about football with Arsene, it usually goes on for about an hour or two. Arsene is a passionate man and Gallas wishes him a great future. He is not happy to see Wenger exiting as he thinks he owes so much to his countryman post expressing the happiness he felt when he was chosen as a skipper for Arsenal. He said he felt so proud when he was made the captain as Arsenal had best captains, Viera, Henry, Adams and many great legends.
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Brazil Ready To Temper Hopes Of ‘Golden Generation’ Of Belgium

Roberto Martinez the Belgium football team coach has accepted and revealed that he has no secrets as he plots to end the bid of Brazil for a record-extending sixth World Cup before their “dream” quarter-final on Friday that July 6, in Kazan.

But the “Golden Generation” of the nation has been reminded that the match opposite the favorites could embody the last opportunity for them to shine on the world stage. William Gallas is also seems in the support of the Brazilian team. In an interview, Martinez said “For our players, it is a dream”; He said this after sealing qualification for the last eight registering the last-gasp victory of 3-2 over Japan in the knockout rounds first phase.
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William Gallas Backs Giroud As Morata Replacement

Former Arsenal and Blues star William Gallas has backed Olivier Giroud to replace Alvaro Morata at Chelsea. The former Arsenal striker moved from Arsenal to Chelsea in a complicated move in January. However, the Frenchman has barely featured for the blues. Despite Morata struggling with fitness concerns, Coach Antonio Conte preferred to play Eden Hazard as striker, leaving Giroud to feature in just five games.

Giroud, who has just one goal, is still struggling as he was whilst at the Emirates Stadium. Gallas opines that the player can fill the absence of Morata. He believes Giroud has shown that much capability while at Arsenal. Continue reading “William Gallas Backs Giroud As Morata Replacement”


Retired French star William Gallas in a shocking turnaround denies ever saying he would score an own goal intentionally. He featured for Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham, playing over 300 games in the Premier League.

The star has been involved in dressing room bust-up, controversies and all but he has won the league and went close to lifting the World Cup. He admits his true nature but denies ever saying he would intentionally cause an own goal.


Since Mathieu Debuchy’s arrival to the Emirates Stadium on July of 2014, the French defender has not managed to make consistent appearances for the English Premier League club.

Injuries have seriously affected the playing career of Mathieu Debuchy in Arsenal as it has made him unable to play in a significant amount of matches and there was even a game in which he was forced to leave the pitch in a stretcher as well as being administered with oxygen.


William Gallas has revealed that the best time of his career in the Premier League came while he was at Stamford Bridge.

The Frenchman played at Chelsea from 2001 to 2006 before exiting to rivals Arsenal and then Spurs.

Gallas says he enjoyed a great time playing for the top league sides but that his time at Chelsea was his “most special” because of the titles he won.

“I liked all three, but maybe Chelsea was the most special time for me. It was my first club abroad and I had a great time there, winning a few trophies as well,” he explained in a recent interview with FourFourTwo.

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